Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weight loss humor = weight loss reality!!

At the end of our last competition, Nicholette posted this video. I LOVE it! As I've been bustin' my butt, I've ran into MANY women who say they've tried EVERYTHING and would do ANYTHING but really, honestly, when I say, well... I'VE cut out white flour and sugar, and I exercise 5-7 days a week they say. "WOW!! I couldn't do that!!" Often times they list of all of their excuses, the same excuses we all have. Children, stress, work, school, etc.... Really??? I remember when my mom had gastric bypass. I WISHED I was overweight enough to get it.. because I just couldn't imagine EVER losing the weight. I had had Dr.'s tell me to limit calories, etc.. but I had decided it was impossible. I knew I could NEVER afford a trainer like all those people who lose weight on the Biggest Loser, or celebrities who drop pounds after they have babies Etc... (and for the record, my FIRST official day with a trainer is MONDAY! I've lost 65 lbs without a TRAINER!! With the support of fantastic friends and a few competitions!!) I just didn't know a whole lot of people who lost a lot of weight the good old fashioned way. EAT LESS, MOVE MORE!!!
How hard are you willing to work? How bad do you want it?


Vicki said...

SO SO True! I get tired of the excuses too. "my body just doesn't work like yours" or " I did keep track of calories and exercise and I gained weight"
It drives me nuts... at least I can admit, I LOVE to eat and eat for comfort, and that though I exercise like crazy it doesn't make up for it.

The fact that you are more than finishing what you started makes me adore you :)

ps - thanks for the support and comments on my blog and facebook about my puzzles... :) It seriously feels like I have just gone through a major breakup... and I haven't felt than way in a long while

Spitfire said...

Loved your blog. Isn't it funny, when people close their minds to something, it's like they're really blind to all the possibilities. They're their worst enemies. I say, do what it takes! Do the work, it's the only way.