Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear October:

Dear October:
I am very grateful that you will be here shortly. I've been working so hard at this weight loss stuff all of September, that I would really like a small break. My obsession has become too much to bear and I LONG to switch it up but fear that I must not do anything different until you are here.
I promise that I will stick to my diet and exercise routines but seriously... I never want to eat oatmeal again!! Is that too much to ask? I also want to give up salads at least for a couple weeks. I have grown fond and then unfond of romaine lettuce over the course of your predecessor... BLAH to tomatoes and cucumbers... blah to anything that tastes like salad! BLAH!!
I am frustrated/scared that I have been at a plateau for 1.5 weeks. I got down to 131.4 but can't seem to see that number again. 132 is killing me and I LONG for 120 anything. I promise not to steal any Halloween candy, not to drink ANY calories, and to bust my butt if you promise to let me and the 120's become acquaintances. I also would like you to allow me to say good bye to my friend the 130's FOR GOOD!!
My commitment to you, my dear friend October, is that if you allow me to reach my goal I will be just as healthy next year. I swear that I will not weigh a single ounce more at the beginning of our next meeting as I do at the end of this years meeting.
So... PLEASE OH PLEASE... come soon and let me kick some butt while you are present. Oh.. and please don't rain too much.. I've got a half marathon to train for! ;o)
Your friend in health and fitness,

PS- If for whatever reason you don't allow me to reach my goals, I will have you removed from the calendar forever! This is not a threat! It's a PROMISE!


Angela said...

*LOL* You are so funny!!! I hope October doesn't screw me up, I love Halloween, but the candy is a temptation....ARGH.

Alicia said...

I second that..LOL. TOo funny. Which half are you training for? You'll get to those 120's, that is awesome by the way!!! Way to go!!

Lorie said...

I love this!

Elise said...

Oh my gosh....I totally ditto this post! I'm with you girl!

Jewel said...


Vicki said...

Love it! and I am with you on the oatmeal thing -- especially without sugar.

Melissa said...

LOL, you crack me up!

Spitfire said...

That was fabulous! October is just another month for me...same old same old...but I don't mind so much. No worries for me on the candy...sugar freegluten free 105 days now. It's just the cold...not so much a fan...and then it just keeps on getting colder, and then snow...maybe I'll use your note but address it to Dec - March. hehe