Friday, September 4, 2009

Great day!

Okay.. so after asking my trainer friends a million questions about over consumption, drinking too much water and blah blah blah, I decided to ask if she does consults. I felt kind of guilty taking her expertise for free when she deserves to be paid. ;o) So, today I went over to her gym/house to get my consult/butt kicked! (She did a consult WITH a training session!) I learned so many new things. Stuff I had never thought of, or never really understood. #1 rule... Stick your boobs out! It 's a posture thing... check out her blog about it: This is something I am going to work on! I know that the shape of my mid section would be very different if I walked with my shoulders back and my chest out... so that's one thing I'm going to really think about this week!
Another thing she told me that I thought was interesting was that there is no way to be TOO small when you are losing weight the healthy way. I guess I was so worried that there was a healthy number and that beyond that made me crazy! So it was good to hear that as long as I am losing weight the healthy way, with diet and exercise and not depriving myself of ANYTHING, it would be OKAY if I weighed less than 115 lbs... or even if I weighed 125 if my body fat % was good. SO... I'm not limiting my weight loss, but not insisting on a small number either. This means... if I get below 115 lbs, you will all have to deal with me! ;o) LOL!!
I ALSO got my butt kicked and LOVED it! I'm going to be working out with her once a week. I'm so excited to have an extra boost.. wish I could go everyday lol! But once a week is all I can do right now and I'm so thrilled for the opportunity.
My goal is really just to be healthy/fit/learn how to eat right. So... I'm ready to get some muscle tone and lose the little doughnut tire around my belly! YAY!!


Mindy said...

Just my ten cents opinion but I think that you should focus more on your body fat percentage than your weight when you get to your goal of 120 lbs. Who the hell cares if you're 120 lbs if you're 16%-18% body fat and SMOKIN HOT!!! In fact who the hell cares if you’re 130 if you’re all that? You’d be one tough chick!
(14% body fat is about average for a woman fitness model)

Elise said...

Holy Crap! That is awesome! PLEASE tell us what she teaches you! I'm uber excited for you! Yeah! Good luck with the extra boost to work outs! Jealous am I!!!

Melissa said...

Glad you liked it! She was totally at this mom thing I was just at! cool!

Emily said...

You've added some great tips! I'm envious and wish I could afford a personal trainer. As for sticking out my boobs, I've always thought posture has a lot to do with it, but it's so hard to concentrate on. I know order to work on my posture, I need to strengthen my lower back muscles so I don't ache from trying to have good posture...a vicious cycle I tell you!

rochelle said...

Karilynn, what fun to be able to work with a trainer. I love the concept that Mindy brought up, too. Body fat is definitely more important than the number. I love the before and after pics on your page, too!