Friday, September 11, 2009


I play this game on facebook called FARKLE! It's a dice game and you have the option to play against other random people. It's basically more a game of luck then it is a game of skill and sometimes the dice just won't roll in your favor. I've found that when I complain to the other player (cause there is a chat window in the game) the dice start to be nicer to me. SOO.... I was very shocked this morning to see this :

HOLY GEEZE!!! I weighed myself 6 times in a row to make sure this was an actual weight and not a fluke. WOW!! I guess complaining a little goes a long way sometimes.


Emily said...

Hahahaha, I have a love hate relationship with Farkle. I might need to start complaining more about my weight to see better results! LOL

Jewel said...

YAY! What a nice loss! I have found sometimes when I get stuck...when I finally get unstuck it moves enough to make up for the stuck periods.

According to my husband...if complaining is all it takes then I should be a size 0!

Melissa said...


Ellura said...

so glad to see you finally broke that 135/136 plateau! Totally awesome!

Elise said...

Holy cow! Great job! That's what happens when you STICK to it and don't allow yourself to give up! You are an incredible example of tenacity to all of us!

Shannon said...

WOW! GO YOU!!!! You broke the barrier! I still cannot believe how much weight you've lost thus far. You're my inspiration! Keep it up!

Wendy said...

That's awesome! Congratulations.

I am a farkle addict too. I played a game the other night with someone who farkled 16 times in a row.

WeightWatcher Mama said...

Congrats! What a great number to see on the scale! I'm gonna be catching up.....WATCH OUT!!!!