Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Body fat %

Hmm... today I took off to the gym after a very rough night. I couldn't sleep... it was like the night before the big field trip. I kept waking up and thinking.. it's probably 5.. I'll head over! WRONG!! It was 1:26, then 3:42 then FINALLY 5:12.
I know it seems lame to be SO excited about a body fat percentage test BUT.... I couldn't help it. Last year I was at 40% body fat. This means that 80 lbs of my 198 lb body was FAT!! BLAH!! Today I weighed in at 22.6% body fat! WOW!!! The trainer who was doing the test looked at me and was like... "You are at a VERY good place here! Anything you do from here is totally for vanities sake!" Why THANK YOU trainer lady! I APPRECIATE THAT!! ;o) This number means that I have 26 lbs of fat distributed throughout my body. Much better than 80.. but still kind of creepy! ALTHOUGH.. according to trainer lady that is FANTASTIC! SO... this comp [at the gym] ends in 2 months. I have no idea what is REALISTIC but... I would love to weigh in at under 20%. This requires a lot of strength training and I figure... P90X CAN deliver if I push myself hardcore... so... I'm in it to win it! [Well.. not to win the competition BUT the top 50% get a free months sauna pass!!] I'm ready to BRING IT!!! :o)


WeightWatcher Mama said...

your sleepless night, oh how familiar to me!! UGH! i hate those! congrats on getting to your goal of below 23%! you ARE awesome! an inspiration to so many, which you already know! WTG!

p.s. i'm sure my BF% is WAY higher! be proud!

Moi said...

You are a effing rock star and can so achieve anything you set your mind too.
Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

Jamie said...

Thats awesome Kari.. way to go! I am just getting started on my body fat challenge.I know what you mean about having those nights, i did that on my weigh in day at curves, it was a great surprise for me too, mine went down from 40% to 38.3% in 16 days! Woohoo, for me!

Melissa said...


Samantha Thomas said...

Way to go that is awesome!