Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still here!!

CONGRATS to Angela, Elise and Robyn... you gals are amazing and I LOVE that you all lost more than 17% of your weight in 4MONTHS!!! HOLY GEEZE!! And of course.. congrats to everyone who started and finished the last comp. Even over the holidays we managed to lose weight. Seriously.. we're AWESOME!!
And thank you Melissa and Tammy for throwing it together. You girls have inspired so many women (directly and indirectly) to lose weight and you really deserve a pat on the back! LOVE YOUR GUTS GIRLS!!
Kay.. pretend this is a new entry!!
Sorry.. I've been slacking! I'm really kind of crazy getting everything ready for the new comp to start!! I was driving home from Utah yesterday and didn't even weigh in! Don't worry... I'll be posting my weight on Tuesday. I'm hoping that now that I've started my period... the gain won't look SO GINORMOUS!!
Today my hubby took a zillion steps to get our basement ready for me to bust out my mad skills with my new challenge... P90X. I also went to Target and bought a [ugh it hurts to say this outloud] bikini . AH!!! I can't believe I said it! ;o) I do not plan on EVER being seen in public in it... but... I think that considering that P90X is about building muscle... I would get the best pics if I went all out and squeezed into an itsy bitsy teenie weenie (hot pink and black striped) bikini! I am debating whether or not I will post the pics on here... I think I might wait till I get the 30 day results... so as not to SCARE others!!
I am also trying to get a few more pieces of equipment so I can start training in my basement! I might even take a few of my friends on as clients... for fun... experience and the ability to kick peoples butts! I am planning to certify as a personal trainer this year... but the experience is kind of tricky as most of the programs are like online based. SO.. if you are in COLORADO and want a TRAINER for whatever you are willing to donate.... Call me!! ;o) ;o)
SO EXCITED TO START THIS NEW COMP!! So excited for the roster of peeps who have signed up! Seriously... there is some mad competition in this place... crazy women who are ready to REALLY CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!! YAY!!! Love it!! :o)


Alison said...

I think it's awesome that you went and bought a bikini.How far you've come in a year!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

Can't wait for Jan 5th to take these PHOTOS! I'm nervous & excited! you'll have to take pics of your home gym!