Monday, January 25, 2010

UN inspired!

Today I'm feeling BLAH! It's been a BLAH week. My life has just been BLAH! I'm missing my family more and more. Having NO ability to have a mental health day is getting to me.
I missed Spinn class last Wednesday because one of my hubby's employees leaned on a "safety rail" that was NOT properly installed and fell 3 stories into a six foot trench. (Umm... so basically 4 stories.) [He is still in the hospital but talking and walking. He has a few broken ribs, a broken clavicle, bruised organs and a collapsed lung.]
Friday I went to meet Brandy at the mall and my Land Cruiser "overheated". While at the mall I ATTEMPTED to purchase a bra that gives me cleavage! I walked into Victoria Secret and said... I NEED CLEAVAGE!! They brought out the big guns in size 32A, and 32AA and low and behold... it cannot be done. I have officially lost enough boob to make it virtually impossible to have cleavage... (Although I've been inspired by mythbusters to give duct tape a try!!)
After our venture I called my hubby who told me to leave the Land Cruiser there and luckily, Brandy had room to drive me home because as it turns out... THE HEAD GASKET BLEW!!
All of this has put added stress on my hubby which, then adds stress to me!
In the mean time... we have just recently had this big "reflection" and have decided to be BETTER to our children and each other... so amongst the stress, I have been putting forth a huge effort to be a better mom and wife. My DH has ALSO put forth a HUGE effort!!
Today... I am drained. If I were home [in Utah with my siblings], I would get my hair done, maybe my nails, get out and buy the outfit I'm so desperately longing to find, (I want to get a sexy outfit for my Anniversary night out on the town)... BUT... because I have no family, I have no opportunity to get out without my little guys in tow... and OBVIOUSLY that defeats the purpose! ;o)
Today I'm going to a MOPS group (where my kiddos get to go to the nursery) and tonight I have Spinn! Hopefully these 3 hours without kids will help my soul (and cure my headache!) For now... I'll remain robotic and uninspired! BLAH!
PS... I totally didn't eat any chocolate and you can't prove otherwise! ;o)


- said...

hey my offer still stands to watch the little ones for you to go do whatever. you just have to promise to come back to get them!! I know the "home sick" feeling been there done that and still am. I may get to go back this summer 1 1/2 years after I left. Anyways let me know about the kids I'll take them they would fit in with my girls and play well. I do have boy and girl toys.

Jessica B said...

Hey kari I wish I could come and help! I completely understand the feeling. I think its awesome that Hubby is putting in extra effort. Maybe it will all pay off this weekend and that beautiful 40 hours away will be just the medicine you BOTH need.

WeightWatcher Mama said...

i wish i lived closer! i'd def. help ya out! hope you find your inspiration this week! i know it's just hiding from you!

Spitfire said...

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time right now. Sometimes life just sux. But you did make me laugh about the cleavage. So, thanx for that. And don't worry, you don't NEED cleavage, you've still got nipples...LOL. And you know what they say about THAT?! A little E.N. and you're good to go. Big boobs are overrated. Be proud of whatcha do have, and don't you forget it!
I'm sure you'll get that kid-free time soon. Every mom needs it. Sending you cyber hugs {{{HUGS}}}