Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay.. I've done 3 days of p90x so far and thought I would share what I've learned but first.. a little about p90x. P90X is a series of workouts on DVD. It comes with a fitness guide that tells you a recommended schedule for workouts. IT doesn't advertise as a way to lose weight but as a program to help healthy/average people get in the "best shape of their life". They like to advertise with amazing before after pics of average people (some with small beer bellies) looking ripped after 90 days. As it turns out.. my goals are no longer a number on a scale but have switched to a body fat % so getting ripped is kind of my thing right now! ;o)

Anyway.. what I've learned so far is that P90X only gives what you put into it! You could do the program and not have fantastic results.. you really have to be willing to yell at your TV.. push yourself... do 3 more when you are screaming I'M DONE!!!

Basically what I'm trying to get to is that I have kicked my own butt when it comes to my back, arms, chest, shoulders.... but umm.. I am slacking on the Ab Ripper... cause.. well... someone told me that people don't ever want to hear this but... my butt is gone and it HURTS to balance on my frickin' tail bone!! So.. here is my wish list:

I need bigger weights for sure! My friend Kari says her hubby will look for me... I am too cheap to buy them at full price.. even at walmart so I'm constantly checking secondhand shops for them!

I have decided that the BOSU ball would end my whiny tail bone issues. I am pretty sure I could do ANYTHING that the stinkin' ab ripper asks of me if I had a ball to sit on!!

I also really want a weight bench... really.. they are just incredibly functional for training purposes.. even if they are just a huge step up... someday.. I will have one of these badboys... ;o)

Okay... my dreaming is over... on another random note. (THIS WOULD BE THE YAY YAY YAY thing). I went to the gym to officially join today cause I plan on going to spinn 3 days a week. While there I saw that THEY are having a competition. Of course I know I won't WIN BUT.. it's only a $10 entry fee, the prizes are based on BODY FAT PERCENTAGE and the top 50% get a FREE MONTH OF SAUNA USE!! I figure that all I'd have to do to be in the top 50% is do what I'm already doing (P90X) and it's an opportunity to have an accurate measurement of my body fat !!! For only $10! SO.. I'm totally joining.. it's only like a 2 month thing but seriously it ends at the end of my first p90x series.. by then I will be RIPPED BEYOND BELIEF!! ;o)

Tonight I have Yoga X and Spinn class!! I CAN'T WAIT!!


Kristie said...

Yikes girl! You're doing P90 AND spin classes?!! Sheesh! You ARE going to be ripped. I think you are motivating me to really do the P90X program. I was only gonna shoot for 4-5 workouts a week but I better just do it right. You go!!

- said...

Wow you are a machine!!! I was thinking of using you to motivate me but now you r scaring me, I mean you seem like you could be the next Jillian Michaels from BL.. LOL!!!! just kidding I don't really know you so I shouldn't judge you that way. You go girl!

Moi said...

You amaze me consistently. Have you tried just a regular yoga ball instead of a bosu? I know it’s not really the same but having used a bosu you don’t sit on top of the ball part anyway and it would be super cheaper. Just a though.
You are going to rock the body fat comp too!! Go girl!!!

Karilynn said...

So.. the moves that it wants you to do REQUIRE that whatever you are sitting on is very stationary! It would be impossible to do the "crunchy frog" on a regular yoga ball! OY!

Spitfire said...

Ha! That would be funny see someone TRY and do the crunchy frog on a regular ball!
I'm so thrilled that you're loving P90X as much as I do. I can't wait to see your results!!