Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Gym!!

Kay so this is really not as cool as you might be thinking it is but it is OH SO COOL TO ME!! My hubby installed/rigged me a pull up bar. I also have resistance bands that are hanging in the pics. The TV is a must since my workouts are going to be p90x for a while. I still want to get a weight bench, bosu ball and MUCH BIGGER WEIGHTS but for now... I'm stoked and READY to start this new exciting adventure in fitness! Wish me luck!! ;o)

This one is my attempt to do a pull up. I really pulled myself to this position from being straight up and down... I was impressed! ;o) Oh and PS.. those are one of my pairs of size 3 jeans!

This is the tv with the weights and yoga mat and junk. My husband did a lot of rigging electrical stuff since there are no outlets in the basement. He also bought me a floor pad cover thing for the ground! LOVE IT!!

And here is the "pull up bar" and the resistance bands! I was thinking I would modify my pull ups with the resistance bands but now I may not have to because of the bar. We will see how much I can handle! ;o)
I also have my treadmill down there... we'll see how much I use it! I still plan on getting a gym membership so I can do the spinn classes. It's totally worth the money to me!
OH.. AND I took the bikini pics. They weren't QUITE as scary as I thought they would be... but... I think i'll save them for now! ;o)
Can't wait for this new adventure to start! I am OH SO READY TO BRING IT!!


Kristi said...

Ok, if you are in a size 3 jeans, I can bet you look good in your bikini!! Seriously!

Kristie said...

Your P90X room is AWESOME! I wish I had a basement or large extra room. I just make due with the living room and dodge the baby toys. Have fun!

Grace said...

Awesome gym! I'm curious to see how this P90X thing goes. This is the first I've heard of it.

WeightWatcher Mama said...

you gym looks great! JEALOUS!! i am also one of those that has to dodge the baby toys in my living room when i do weights!

rochelle said...

That would be so great to have a "home gym" area in my house! What a lucky girl! And those size threes look great!

Jessica B said...

Ok so now I am really sad you dont live close anymore. I wanna workout in the open privacy of your basement!! I am soooo jealous, haha. Well for now my bedroom will have to do, but I *hopefully* will be P90Xing right along with you!