Saturday, January 16, 2010


This morning I headed to the gym early (I had a spinn class) so that I could OFFICIALLY become a member. I had been missing the manager and had questions for him so I hadn't actually got around to doing the whole membership thing until today. SO... he's doing all this computer stuff as I stand there and this gal who was probably something like 5'2" and 180 lbs was standing there asking the HORRIBLE sales girl questions about joining the club and doing the competition. She wasn't positive that she was joining the gym YET but she was really interested in the comp. (PS.. I SIGNED UP FOR THE COMP!!! YAY!!!) I couldn't help myself. First she was asking about the Body Fat percentage calculations (because they have a health and wellness/nutrition place that charges $89 to do an BF%, eval and give a nutrition plan). I leaned over and said, "It's part of the $10 buy in!! You get it calculated TWICE!! That's why I'm signing up for the comp!" She was really receptive to me and was asking questions about buy in versus how much you can win. Her mom was there with her and telling her that if she wins she would win WHATEVER money was in the pot. Once again I chimed in and said, "I won almost $900 last year losing weight." She looked sort of confused and asked something like "really?" I mentioned that I had lost 80 lbs COMPETING... and that COMPETITION really kept me going. She asked for proof (well... she was just like "WOW!! Do you have a pic? I can't even imagine!")... like I should carry a fat pic in my wallet LOL!! Anyway... I hope that she will be inspired to join up. Because any step to a healthier life is a step in the right direction! Oh to be a personal trainer... or a fly on the wall who can just offer HELP to gals who are looking for it! I am tempted to get a shirt with a fat pic of me on it that says something like... "I TOTALLY GET IT!! ASK ME!! I WON'T CHARGE YOU FOR ANSWERS!!!"
I think people lose great opportunities to help others when they are so caught up in working the front desk that they forget that they are working in a place where they can change/inspire lives DAILY!!! Hmm... maybe I should get a job there! ;o)
As for my days. Yesterday I did Leg/Back and today my ass hurts!! YAY!!! I love when my glutes are sore!! I'm getting plenty of exercise but pretty much eating WHATEVER... well.. I mean whatever that is in my guidelines. Tonight we had Hawaiian haystacks with quinoa instead of rice!! YUMMY!! It's kind of fun that I've gotten so good at WHAT I EAT that I don't have to think about it anymore. Like I eat whatever is in the cupboard because everything in the cupboard is good for me! INSANE!! [I should mention I've been at this for a year and I have very RECENTLY arrived.]
Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.
And now... Kenpo.... too bad I'm totally uncoordinated! :oP


Kim said...

That's awesome. =) I'd really love to be able to talk to people about my success someday and show them that it can be done. Especially my family.

WannaBSkinE2010 said...

Thats wonderful Kari.. you are awesome!

Vicki said...

You are so inspiring -- I love your idea of the T-shirt...