Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is that a muscle??

Okay... so I'm like 2.5 weeks into P90X and I AM seeing muscles that I haven't seen in a very long time. Yesterday I was teasing my boys and flexed.. then I flipped my wrist and WOWZER.. IS THAT A MUSCLE? We were laughing so hard that my boys decided to make a movie. Here is a fantastic 10 second video of my amazing muscles! ;o)

Of course.. after this my boys had to try it and their muscles were much more defined then mine.. but in my defense they are skinny little children who do gymnastics! ;o)


Jamie said...

Yes, Kari thats a muscle alright.. Im jealous! I still have chicken arms and no defined muscles in sight on them. I will eventually have muscles that I can brag about lol.

Jewel said...


I remember when I found one of those on my arm many many years ago (long gone by now!!!), how excited I was.

You have come such a long way...I know I say that all the time but I also am still so amazed and impressed and motivated every time I see your comparative photos!

Debbie said...

Yeah!!! You found muscle!!

Samantha Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing the video that was pretty impressive. I heard that P90X really kicks your butt!! I know a person that works out all the time and tried it and gave up after a few weeks. So Kuddos for you for sticken to it!

Spitfire said...

I love it! And your boys...they're going to remember're teaching them healthy life habits = physically fit. XO

Mindy said...

that is freaking awesome! i can't wait to see your after pics on this one... i'm sure they'll be better than even your fat pics... just think, from fat to thin from thin to SMOKIN HOT and RIPPED!!! can't wait!