Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little things!

This week is destined to be FANTASTIC!! It's my 4th week of p90x which means I'm not really doing any resistance stuff and I "get" to do YogaX twice. 2 weeks ago I was cursing the stupid thing but last week I forced myself to get through all the vinyasa's and realized that it's not SO bad! ;o) Yesterday I did yoga and almost sort of enjoyed it. ;o)
Tomorrow is the "Weigh in" for the comp at the gym and I'm SOOOOO STOKED to get my body fat %. I am, of course, a little nervous but.. when I started this journey I was around 40% body fat! I'm HOPING that tomorrow I will be below 23%! I'm going to wake up at 5:30 and head over to the gym so look out for a crazy percentage tomorrow! OY!!
This weekend also marks our 10 year anniversary and we are going to be getting away WITHOUT kids for about 40 hours! This is HUGE and we are so grateful to have family only 40 minutes away who are willing to take on all 4 of our amazing, rambunctious boys! THANKS LES AND ELISE!!
At some point this week I WILL get out and get a sexy outfit!! I'm really excited at the prospect and this is also why I am disappointed that cleavage is not an option. BUT... I know my husband will love taking me out all steaming hot! SO... I promise by Monday of next week there WILL be a pic of me in my little anniversary outfit! CAN'T WAIT!!
I'm still spinning 2-3 times a week and enjoying it! I'm excited to start training for another half marathon soon, although I'm still not sure what event(s) I'm going to do. I really want to go out to Illinois and run on May 1st with Andrea but... I just don't know if that will work out. I'm toying with the idea of doing a triathlon this summer but... I really am not a swimmer... so... we shall see! I AM planning on doing the WARRIOR DASH in August!! This looks way too fun to pass up! I also heard about a relay event in Colorado... IT looks awesome but I have NO idea how to find/join a team. Maybe I can MAKE a team!! Elise, Sarah, Robyn, Kira, any of you Colorado girls up for it?!? ;o)
Okay.. enough rambling.. I better hit the dishes.
Hope you are all having a fantastic week. We are in the home stretch for this month so BRING IT GIRLS!! 10 days till our first weigh in! WAHOO!!


Alison said...

You're going to have so much fun shopping for that outfit!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

:( so sad if you can't make it to champaign! BUT, hopefully we can do one together sometime! i'm sending in my reg. form by the end of the month! we are going to make a weekend of it and stay in a hotel friday night! can't wait to hear about your % tomorrow! good luck, i'm sure you have blown a TON of fat off your body! :D

Pam90X said...

I know what you mean about YogaX...I only did half of it yesterday as I has already done my treadmill just before that and had nothing left...but I am starting to really enjoy it. And I sweat big time and it keeps me in my peak fat burning zone which is amazing. ON the treadmill I tend to go way past fat burning and into cardio and even danger zone. Yoga...will be my new friend. I too am on week4 of the lean program though and I get Yoga again this week so I'm looking forward to it for once ;)

Good luck finding that outfit and I can't wait to see what your % is tomorrow

Jessica B said...

Ooh I cant wait to see the number! It makes me want to know my own. Let us know how well you rocked ;)

Robyn said...

I'm in for any fitness thing while I am in colorado. There is a half marathon in fort collins I am considering while I am there, and there is the Boulder Boulder while I am there. It will only take me about 3 weeks to train back up for a half, and a relay could be fun. Feb I am doing the trek the tower here in omaha, that should be fun :)

Moi said...

You are fabulous. I missed reading your blog. I am back and am going to feed off your motivation!!! Did I mention I love you even without boobs!

Elise said...

I'm in! What event? Where? When? How many miles do I have to run/walk!!!???