Monday, January 18, 2010

H2Oh my!!

So... water challenge?! Interesting... I wonder what brilliant mind thought of that? LOL! Let's be honest guys and gals. I KNOW that water is liquid gold and, well... I've been slacking in the water department. This challenge is MUCH needed in my life so I hoped to bring it to others as well. I love Debbie's post... "about not taking anyone else's word for it" because even when you do the research you find that HOLY GEEZE... why have I been depriving myself of this all my life? We hear all the time that we should drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day... but I don't recall ever being told WHY it is so important. If you want a great blog entry of all the very important info on water check it out here. Yesterday I managed to drink 110 ozs of water!!! I felt much fuller and I slept awesome last night... WEIRD!!

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on Nutrition. The cute lady in charge put this on the flyer:
Class #1: Tweak your diet.
Whole grains, natural foods, less sugar.
Learn how to make small changes for a healthier diet.

Hmm... so, I've been planning this thing for a while but am still NOT sure what the crap I'm going to say. I mean, we all know that nutrition is incredibly contraversial! (Hell we can't even talk about drinking water without getting a zillion different opinions.) I keep telling myself I need to be true to this ad... but I get that thought in my head that everyone will blow me off as a crazy person and take NOTHING from it. (Ask Lisa, people do that to her ALL THE TIME!) I'm concerned because another person will be talking about exercise and apparantly she's been losing weight recently with her new found love for exercise. We all know I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I believe it is IMPARATIVE to lose weight correctly and I exercise at LEAST 5 times a week. Building up muscle tissue helps you burn fat faster and absolutely aids in weight loss BUT... some people take exercise and use it as an excuse to eat LIKE CRAP, then they wonder why they aren't losing. And for whatever reason, exercise seems so much easier to add to a life then eating healthy... people just aren't willing to give up comfort foods. BAH!! The other issue is that this thing is about New Year/New You. Both of the presenters have recently lost a considerable amount of weight. Still, it isn't my intent to tell people that they aren't good enough if they are overweight. On the other hand.. that's why I've been invited to present. I printed up my progressive pic and put it in a frame.

I Hope this is appropriate... but yeah.. I went to this MOPS group the other day where this lady gave a schpill about weight loss and the people in charge kind of freaked out because they felt like she was giving a message that people "would be better" if they lost weight. OY OY OY!! Then we get back to my issue with people giving skinny people crap for eating healthy but not mentioning to overweight people that they are KILLING themselves when they are shoving their 6th slice of greasy/sicko pizza in their mouth.
Oh well.. today is the day I will get my presentation all together. Wish me luck!


Spitfire said...

You don't need luck. You have your knowledge, and your passion for health and fitness! Go get'em tiger! SOOOOO proud of you!

Kristie said...

It's gonna go great! We need more people telling the truth and CORRECT information about eating for life. You go girl. Want to hear all about it.

Jamie said...

You go girl.. it will be great! I look forward to reading your blogs every morning, you are my inspiration, keep em coming!