Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Water=healthy heart?

Hmmm.... I've been going to spinn class for a few weeks now. My hubby purchased a heart rate monitor for me and I've been taking it to class. My heart rate has been kind of out of control... like up to 189 during spinn. Well.. yesterday I worked HARDER than I've ever worked before and... hmm... my heart rate was never above 161!! WOW!! The only change has been water.. and yesterday I drank 130 ozs!! OY!! I made it my goal to drink 100 ozs a day but I decided that water consumed during exercise didn't count towards that goal. Yesterday I had 2 workouts.. p90x and spinn.. so I drank an additional 30 ozs. It was actually kind of awesome cause after class I was watching "Interventions" with my hubby and my eyes were watering! ;o) He went to tease me for crying and I just said, "Honey! I've drank 130 ozs of water today. I can't help if it's pouring out of every pore!!" He actually laughed!! BWAH HA HA!! I'm hilarious!


Lorie said...

That is funny. Haven't visited you in awhile. Hope you are doing well.

Kristie said...

That's cool that your husband showed some support by getting you that monitor. And I think I remember you saying that he helped you put together your work-out room.
You're doing good with the H2O! No wonder it was leaking from your eyes (wink wink).